Shipping from China to Global

One place to consolidate multiple shipments from various suppliers. Your goods are well protected in
our warehouse when shipping from China.

Sea, Land and Air transportation Solutions

ARBI’s logistics services are designed to provide a variety of shipping options from China, covering all routes to any country you specify. Develop a personalized transportation plan based on your needs and goals. Our dedicated and experienced team of logistics experts are ready to help you with any delivery issues. With ARBI as your partner, all you have to do is sit back and wait for shipment!

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Air Freight

Arbi Sourcing offers efficient air freight services to ensure the swift and secure delivery of your goods. With our independent DHL account, we provide a more convenient and traceable global transportation solution. Choose Arbi Sourcing for outstanding air freight services.

Sea Freight

Arbi Sourcing offers global sea freight services, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination economically and safely. With our independent freight forwarding company, we provide a comprehensive sea freight solution. Choose Arbi Sourcing for professional and reliable sea freight services.

LCL Shipment

Arbi Sourcing specializes in providing LCL Shipment services, offering a flexible sea freight option. We are committed to optimizing the shipping of small quantities of cargo, eliminating the need to wait for a fully loaded container and reducing costs. Through our global network, we deliver secure and efficient LCL transportation services, ensuring your goods reach their destination on time. Choosing Arbi Sourcing means benefiting from an economical and flexible international freight solution.

Arbi Sourcing is committed to providing you with efficient and reliable China-Europe Railway services

Train Freight

Arbi Sourcing is committed to providing you with efficient and reliable China-Europe Railway services, becoming your strategic partner in international trade. Our China-Europe Railway services not only offer direct rail connections to key cities in China and Europe but also support bidirectional freight movement, ensuring your goods reach their destination quickly and reliably. We prioritize speed and on-time delivery, providing a faster alternative compared to sea freight.

Custom Clearance

Arbi Sourcing provides professional customs clearance services, ensuring the swift passage of your goods through customs inspections for seamless entry into your destination. Our team handles complex customs procedures, offering you efficient and reliable customs clearance services for both imports and exports.

Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouse

Arbi Sourcing specializes in Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouse, providing a fast and reliable solution for transporting your products to Amazon warehouses. We are well-versed in Amazon FBA rules, ensuring smooth inventory placement and facilitating the seamless operation of your e-commerce business.


Arbi Sourcing offers independent warehousing services, ensuring the secure storage of your goods. With modern warehouse facilities, we provide efficient inventory management to meet personalized storage needs, offering you convenient warehousing solutions.


Arbi Sourcing offers global DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) services, covering customs clearance, tax payments, and more, ensuring your goods reach the destination directly from the origin without the hassle. Choose us for a convenient and seamless end-to-end service experience.

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Long-term cooperation with a large network of shipping companies enables us to offer you the best rates.

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15 years experience in logistics has enabled us to become experts in shipping. Any goods to any place.


Our inter-continental freight solutions ensure a consistency that can be tailored specifically to you.

Our location provides us with a natural logistics advantage

Located in Hangzhou, our warehouse forms an equilateral triangle with Shanghai and Ningbo. Trucks can reach the world's largest port in Shanghai or the second-largest in Ningbo within approximately three hours (150 kilometers). For shipping FBA goods from China to the United States, we primarily utilize the Mason Express, loading regularly at Ningbo Port on Tuesdays and at Shanghai Port on Wednesdays. The direct route to the United States, specifically to the ports of San Francisco and Long Beach, takes a total of 11 days. Whether your goods originate from the southern Guangdong or northern Shandong regions, they must pass through Ningbo or Shanghai ports if you opt for sea freight.