Amazon FBA Prep Services

All-in-one Source to Delivery Solution for Amazon Sellers!

Amazon FBA Prep Sourcing & Delivery Services in China

With Arbi Sourcing as your strategic partner, you can trust that each aspect of your Amazon FBA shipment will be expertly managed. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to transparent communication make us the ideal choice for optimizing your e-commerce logistics. Let us handle the intricacies, so you can focus on growing your business and delighting your customers.

Receive and Collect

We pick up your products from your supplier warehouse and bring it to our warehouse to store them until you need them.


We can arrange custom-sized packaging, bundeling, and labeling multiple products following Amazon’s Guidelines.

Amazon Pre-Prep

Our Expert Team Inspects & Preps your Goods to meet Amazon’s ever-changing requirements.

Ship to Amazon

We provide flexible shipping arrangement for your products to multiple Amazon warehouses, as required.

Optimizing Your Amazon FBA Shipment with Arbi Sourcing:
A Comprehensive Service Approach

At Arbi Sourcing, we understand the critical importance of a seamless and efficient Amazon FBA shipment process for our clients. Our commitment is to provide end-to-end solutions, ensuring that each step is meticulously handled to enhance the overall success of your e-commerce venture.

Our experienced team at Arbi Sourcing conducts rigorous quality inspections for your products. We adhere to industry standards and your specific requirements, guaranteeing that only top-quality items enter the Amazon FBA system. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of customer dissatisfaction and establishes a foundation for positive reviews and repeat business.

1. Quality Inspection: Elevating Standards

2. FNSKU Labeling:
Streamlining Inventory Management

Arbi Sourcing takes care of the intricate task of FNSKU labeling. We generate and affix unique identifiers to each product, ensuring seamless integration with the Amazon Seller Central platform. Our attention to detail in labeling contributes to accurate inventory tracking, efficient order processing, and a hassle-free experience within the FBA system.

Our packaging experts at Arbi Sourcing are dedicated to safeguarding your products throughout the transportation and warehousing journey. We strictly adhere to Amazon's packaging guidelines, utilizing high-quality materials that provide optimal protection. Your products will reach the FBA fulfillment centers in pristine condition, contributing to a positive customer experience upon delivery.

3. Efficient Package:
Protecting Your Products

4. Strategic Shipping: Choosing the Right Logistics Partners

Arbi Sourcing assists you in making informed decisions regarding shipping methods. Whether it's sea freight, air freight, or courier services, we guide you in selecting the most cost-effective and timely transportation solutions. Our established relationships with reliable carriers ensure that your products reach the designated FBA warehouse efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

We provide a transparent and real-time view of your shipment's journey. Arbi Sourcing leverages advanced tracking tools and maintains open communication with carriers to keep you informed about the location and status of your products. Our reporting mechanisms offer insights into delivery timelines, enabling proactive measures to address any unforeseen issues and ensuring a smooth fulfillment process.

5. Tracking and Reporting: Transparent Visibility

Empowering Your Amazon FBA Inventory Management through Data-Driven Strategies

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, effective inventory management is a cornerstone of success for Amazon FBA sellers. Harnessing the power of data-driven strategies can propel your business forward, ensuring optimal stock levels, minimizing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Let's explore how you can leverage data to drive your Amazon FBA inventory management.

  1. Data Analysis for Demand Forecasting: Utilize historical sales data, seasonality trends, and market insights to forecast demand accurately. By understanding past performance, you can anticipate future trends and adjust your inventory levels accordingly. Data-driven demand forecasting ensures that you meet customer needs without excess stock.
  1. Monitor and Analyze Sales Velocity: Data on sales velocity—the rate at which products are sold—provides valuable insights into product popularity and helps identify slow-moving items. By regularly monitoring sales velocity, you can prioritize restocking high-demand products and make informed decisions about promotions or discounts for slower-moving items.
  1. Implement Just-in-Time Inventory: Optimize your inventory turnover by implementing a just-in-time (JIT) inventory strategy. Data analytics can guide you in maintaining leaner stock levels, reducing storage costs, and ensuring that products arrive precisely when needed. This approach enhances efficiency and minimizes the risk of overstocking.
  1. Utilize Inventory Performance Metrics: Leverage Amazon's inventory performance metrics to gain a comprehensive view of your inventory health. Key metrics such as excess inventory percentage, stranded inventory, and sell-through rate provide actionable insights. Data-driven analysis of these metrics allows you to make informed decisions for inventory adjustments.
  1. Leverage Advanced Analytics Tools: Explore advanced analytics tools and software designed for e-commerce inventory management. These tools can provide real-time data analytics, trend analysis, and predictive modeling. By incorporating these tools into your strategy, you can streamline decision-making processes and stay ahead of market dynamics.
  1. Embrace Seasonal Inventory Planning: Data-driven insights enable effective planning for seasonal fluctuations. Whether preparing for peak shopping seasons or managing off-peak periods, understanding historical data helps optimize stock levels, ensuring you meet demand without excess inventory during slow seasons.
  1. Customer Feedback and Reviews: Customer feedback and reviews are valuable sources of data. Analyze customer sentiments, identify popular features, and address potential issues promptly. This qualitative data complements quantitative metrics, offering a holistic view of product performance and informing inventory decisions.
  1. Continual Monitoring and Adaptation: The e-commerce landscape evolves, and so should your inventory management strategy. Regularly monitor key performance indicators, adapt to market changes, and refine your approach based on the latest data. A flexible and adaptive strategy ensures that your inventory management remains effective over the long term.

In conclusion, letting data drive your Amazon FBA inventory management is a strategic imperative. By embracing data-driven insights, sellers can optimize stock levels, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately deliver a superior customer experience. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, those who harness the power of data will position themselves for sustained success in the competitive world of Amazon FBA.