Your Success Is Our Success!

ARBI Sourcing firmly believes that our success is intricately tied to assisting you in achieving your business goals.

About ARBI Sourcing Agent Company

Arbi Sourcing is a China Sourcing Specialist. We located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, just 5 km away from Alibaba's global headquarters. With 12 years of experience in researching China's industries and 5 years of experience in international trading. We possess a profound understanding of China's industrial landscape. Let me redefine your perception of Chinese industries through our collaboration.

ARBI Sourcing  provides value-added outsourced procurement service from source to delivery. We ensure you have a pleasant & result-driven sourcing experience throughout the entire process.

ARBI is committed to helping our partners to succeed in their business. We are proud to supply high quality & profitable products as per the unique and diversified needs of our partners!


Why Chinese Goods are Affordable:

Ever wondered why Chinese products are so cost-effective? It's due to the unique structure of China's industrial clusters known as "block economies" or industrial belts. I am familiar with various industry belts, such as Cixi, producing 60% of the world's small home appliances, Yongkang, producing 60% of the world's vacuum cups, and Shaogang, producing 85% of the world's steel tape measures. China's well-developed infrastructure concentrates resources efficiently within these belts, resulting in high efficiency and quick production capabilities. Understanding China's industrial distribution from this perspective allows you to form a higher-dimensional understanding and find the best-quality resources.

Money Costs on Alibaba:

Many people are unaware that when shopping on Alibaba, product prices are already marked up. Sellers are required to pay substantial annual subscription fees, with basic membership costing $4,300 and advanced membership at $12,000. The fees for premium memberships are individually priced. Advertising costs far exceed membership fees and constitute a major part of the expenses, similar to Amazon. If Alibaba sellers do not invest in advertising, gaining order becomes nearly impossible. These costs are shared among you and other buyers, forming a crucial pillar supporting Alibaba's massive $2 trillion business.

Time Costs on Alibaba:

Purchasing goods on Alibaba is very time-consuming. You may find yourself stuck in a quagmire of useless duplication and inaccurate information. The "product search" listing organization of both Alibaba and Aliexpress is incredibly repetitive and needlessly time consuming. Scrolling the listings will bring up the same product listing and company over and over again. Often times, the same product from the same company is listed multiple times, each with a different price. Needless to say, it takes a long time to identify products of interest among all the jumble. Often like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Undiscovered Businesses:

Countless Chinese enterprises producing high-quality and reasonably priced products remain undiscovered on Alibaba. By working with me, you gain access to these hidden treasures that can positively impact your business and wallet.

Services We Offer:

A.Factory Auditing: In-depth background checks on potential partners, including employee count, social security contributions, wage levels, and legal disputes.

B.Product Sourcing: Leveraging my familiarity with China's industrial belts to find high-quality and reasonably priced products.

C.Pricing Analysis: Providing comprehensive price comparisons to ensure you get the best value for your products.

D.Order Processing: Handling orders on your behalf, including factory inspections to ensure product quality meets your standards.

E.Logistics: Utilizing local advantages to secure timely and cost-effective transportation.

In order to reduce your transaction risk, We are willing to work for you for free for a period of time. If you think it is suitable, you can price our work and we will cooperate in the long term.

Our Values

Teamwork makes the dream work. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration both above and below the line.

Your Success Is Our Success

To become your prime ally and partner and to help our clients achieve great success. A win-win partnership is required in order tobring forth a positive growth

Focus on Details

product development means focusing on the details from the very beginning. We always aim to make this process smooth and efficient.

Keep on Improving

Dedicated to always improve and adapt to future needs as the market is always changing. To always stay on top of market trends and business expenditure.


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