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 We are a professional China Sourcing Agent with extensive experience in a wide range of products

One-stop China Sourcing Agency Service


No matter what you're looking for, we can discover the perfect supplier for you, offering the best deals. Our sourcing services cover everything from managing suppliers to developing new products, branding, finding items online, and searching for them in person.


Once you place an order, we will follow through every step to ensure you receive the right products at the right place in the right time. Our delivery services include quality control, Amazon FBA preparation, warehousing, consolidation, transportation, and distribution.

Value-Adding Services

Hundreds of clients have already testified that based on our local intelligence, professional expertise, and effective management, we can provide superior procurement solutions, ultimately achieving cost and time savings.

Agile Supply Chain

Breaking through cross-cultural communication barriers

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Local Intelligence

Arbi Sourcing's service capability exceeds your expectations. We based on our local intelligence or profound understanding of Chinese manufacturing factories provide excellent service. Arbi Sourcing will help you find sources from a macro perspective—not just a single factory, but areas with multiple factories clustered together, known as industrial belts. Within these industrial belts, the most cost-effective factories can be identified.

Arbi Sourcing's Commitment

Our bottom line of business ethics

Customer First

The customer is always the top priority. Working for the benefit of the customer is the reason for our existence.

Risk-Free Transactions

We would rather incur losses ourselves than let our customers suffer any losses.

Keeping Promises

Whatever we commit to, we must fulfill.


Client secrets remain undisclosed without the client's permission.

Go the Extra Mile

Exhaust all methods, use all our strength, and strive to achieve the desired results for the customer.

Arbi Sourcing is not only an Agent

Why Choose Arbi Sourcing

Save Time, Save Money.


Taking advantage of our familiarity with the Chinese market and Chinese suppliers, we can quickly find sources of goods and quickly prototype and determine production plans. Fast shipping. Get your goods to your designated location faster.

Save on your procurement costs through our comprehensive services. This can be compared with your previous procurement records.

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Arbi Sourcing offers efficient air freight services to ensure the swift and secure delivery of your goods